I’m a graduate student at University of Michigan School of Information, majoring in Information Analysis and Retrieval. I am an experienced IT professional who decide to go back to school to focus on data analytics. I’m seeking an internship position in the field of Data Analytics. Below is a bit about myself.

My name is Budi Wibowo. I was born and raised in Indonesia. I am fortunate enough to have worked on broad range of IT projects. I started out as a web and database programmer at Lincoln Financial Corporation, and decided to move and work for Ball State University mainly because of the opportunity to learn more than just being a “behind a desk programmer”.  I do enjoy programming a lot, but at the time I was also very interested to learn and explore  various aspects of IT. Along the way I have been trusted with more challenging tasks which includes building IT infrastructure for the Digital Library program which entails building, designing and administering highly virtualized IT environment, SAN storage, and disaster recovery strategy. My experience at Ball State teach me to be creative in terms of maximizing resources I have. Sometimes, not being able to throw money at problems can have many positive outcomes. My motto is always “Work with what you’ve got, and  complain only when you have data!”.

My daily work at Ball State was never boring due to the constantly changing needs and demands to improve a process or create new ones. Throughout the course of my career, I have written codes, built IT infrastructure, and provided IT consulting for other institutions.

Things I write on my blog tend to be solutions(to my problem) I was not able to figure out on Google, or projects I’m heavily involved in. If some of my posting are helpful to you, please ‘like’ or ‘tweet’ my blog entry. If you wonder about the name, that’s because I used to work at higher education institution, and was in charge of their digital library program. Hence, the name digitallibraryworld.com.

I enjoy playing sports when I have time. Particularly badminton, racquetball, and basketball (or anything that makes me sweat). I hate running, but I do it anyway to support my love of sports, which all require running. Usually, if it involves a ball and some sort of running, I am willing to do it. Unless of course you are talking about playing soccer at the edge of a cliff. That, I probably won’t do.

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