I’m a Data Science Practitioner. I am currently part of a data science unit at Citi Group’s Global Independent Compliance Risk Managent department. I have a Masters’ degree from University of Michigan School of Information where I studied Data Science. My undergraduate degree in Computer Science is from Ball State University. Python and bash scripts are my best friends. Most of the time my analytical environment include PySpark, Jupyter, Oracle, Apache Drill, Linux and Cloudera’s Hadoop Cluster. When it’s necessary, I venture out to write Java or C# code.


Things I write on my blog tend to be solutions(to my problem) I was not able to figure out from Googling, or projects I’m heavily involved in. If some of my posting are helpful to you, please ‘like’ or ‘tweet’ my blog entry. If you wonder about the domain name, that’s because I used to work at higher education institution, and was in charge of building the digital library program IT infrastructure. Hence, the name digitallibraryworld.com.

I enjoy playing sports when I have time. Particularly badminton, racquetball, and basketball (or anything that makes me sweat). I hate running, but I do it anyway to support my love of sports, which all require running. Usually, if it involves a ball and some sort of running, I am willing to do it.

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